Branding & Design

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Branding & Design 

Branding & Design is popular & the most misunderstood term nowadays, because plenty of people want to start a business & want to build their own custom brand.

But they misunderstood the term branding & the logic behind the branding design.

Many people search online & ask questions like.

What is Branding?

What is the secret behind branding & design?

What is the need for branding design?

So in this article I would like to clear the misconceptions about the branding & design , the logic behind the branding design.

So the first question is

What is Branding?

The main misconception about branding is that many of the People think that branding is designing a logo.

 So” No A Big no”

Branding is not about designing a logo even if you merge all your business advertising stationery designs like logo, business card, letterheads, brochure, still, you have not touched your business branding.

Because all this stuff belongs to brand identity which is a visual representation of your branding we can say it’s a small part of the term branding.

In definition branding is a marketing practice of creating a Name, Symbol or Design that identifies your company brand & differentiates your product or services form others.

But as per my point of view Branding is your reputation,  life, & the soul of your company.

It’s about how people consider your brand & become aware or conscious about your brand it’s all about what, how & why people relate to you & your brand.

Branding is all about your product, your service & building trust with your clients or customer it’s about the values & strategies.

To create a unique branding that differentiates your company & stands out unique from your competitors there are few strategies which you should keep in your mind.

1. What are the core values & mission of your company?
2. What do you stand for?
3. What makes your product unique & the benefits, the features of your product?
4. What are your unique selling points?
5. Why people associate with your company?
6. What are the targeted customers you are looking for?

What is the secret behind branding & design?

As I have described branding is the soul of your company the life of your company it’s about how & why people relate with you & your company.

It’s about every connection & interaction you made with your customer.

 It’s about the values & feelings of the persons attached to your brand.

So to build all these values, the attachments, & the connection with your customers all you need is a Strategy for your brand & Design.

 So yes the secret to building an incredible Branding is “Brand Strategy & Creative Design” Blending both, strategy & design in an equal amount produces INCREDIBLE BRANDING which can stay with you till infinity.

Branding & Design 1

Branding & design 

Branding & design is cooking some thing delicious Just like cooking Mixing of Different Ingredients gives you delicious food, mixing of right research, Strategies & Design gives you your timeless branding.   

What is the need for branding design?

Many businesses make the extreme mistake of not focusing on branding they overlook the efforts of branding because they think that spending much on branding is worthless.

Branding is absolute & a critical need for a company because it makes a positive impact on your business it can change people’s perception of how they look at your brand.

It can create awareness of your brand & drive more business for your company.

The most important reason branding is important because it’s creating your reputation in the market place it is about how your company becomes known to your customers in the market place.

Branding increases the business value & generates new customers it’s creates trust with in the market & improves employee pride & satisfaction.

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  1. Great content earlier I also used to think logo is main part of branding but now it is clear that it is a part of brand identity & branding as well thanks for sharing.

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