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Outrage of Corona Virus Covis 19 hunt of corona virus

Covid-19 CORONA Virus

We all are aware about the presence of Covid-19 CORONA Virus in our surroundings ,these days …

Here, I would like to share a few things on the same without making it monotonous ….

About the Virus: – It consists of 40 different kind of bacteria’s which created a single virus “CORONA”.

It needs the human body shelter for nurturing purposes and become more powerful.

The virus is heavy enough that it cannot move into the air like other molecules’.

As the Covid19 corona virus is heavy in nature, it keeps settling on the earth’s surface itself and looking towards the honest carrier (Human’s) for the successful transmission to take  place.
Until we don’t get connected with the virus, it cannot enter into us through the nostrils.

As I have mentioned, it doesn’t spread through Air, the major carriers are involved here – “Hands”.

Symptoms to Identify Covid-19 CORONA Virus

It shows the similar symptoms of viral infection only that’s the reason it takes around 14 days attentively to catch the same. Viral infection involves – Coughing, sneezing, fever & body pain.
As the symptoms are equivalent to viral infection the tests are defined to generate the report in the span of 14 days.
The symptoms are so confusing, that’s the reason the infected person gets isolated from the others till the analysis and reports get revealed.

Safety Measures  & 5 Steps to prevent corona virus

Safety Measures & 5 Steps to prevent corona virus covid 19

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Covid-19 CORONA Virus is strong enough to break the strong wall of immunity amongst us.

Till date, no country has the medicine / Vaccine or any supplement to cure from this disease.

All we could do is to follow the advise from the Government (Mr.PM) of India that stay at home and support Anti- Socialism for few coming days. “STAY HOME” has been introduced as the curative measure because the COVID-19 has a life of 12 hours in total to find a human body for its survival.

If the Virus will not get the body to enhance itself, then it will automatically get vanished .We have no idea on the count of Virus population, hence, to apart us from it the orders of government have been rolled out towards the safety of the nation.

Everyone, it’s our prime duty to fight against this global pandemic and get this buried forever. 

We all just need to hold our horses till the next announcement from the government officials on COVID-19 life in our surroundings.

I have emphasized more on stay at home because other measures we all are aware off (Hand wash/ Mask on face / Gloves usage).

 Give your best to fight against COVID-19 as I am contributing from my part to defeat it SOON…

Outrage of Corona Virus Covis 19 hunt of corona virus

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