Logo & Brand Identity Design

Logo & Brand Identity Design 

Logo & brand identity design is cooking some thing delicious, Just like cooking Mixing of Different Ingredients & spices gives you delicious food, mixing of right research, Strategies & Creative Design gives you your timeless logo & brand identity design.   
Here you will take a glance of my wonder word portfolio projects that I have completed successfully, So lets get started with some case study that i have created to make it easy for you guys to understand the brief about  how I am going to work on your logo & brand identity design.     

logo & brand identity design for a cafe logo zero hours cafe
Logo & Brand Identity Design For A Cafe Logo

In this Logo earlier customer has not given me the name of the logo the just wanted to check my skills & wanted to see a symbol of an Owl.

And they wanted to the main focus of the logo to be the symbol to portray that the cafe is open for day & night so i have shown them my option of different symbols in which they have selected this.

And then they have given me the full name & wanted that the logo should look like a label that can easily go with the flow for there cafe. 

So below  are the complete logo & some stationary design you can see which customer like the most & appreciated.