5 tips for social media Graphic design to shout louder 2020.

5 tips for social media Graphic design to shout louder.

Social Media Graphics Tips & design

Do you want to design a social media graphics, but don’t know where to start? So here we have solutions for your question with this content marketing info graphic from Gaurav Singh Graphics!

If you need resources & graphic designing, social media graphics tips you are here at the right place.

Social media graphics in today life has become an important part of people’s life. In the beginning social media were kind of personal diary where people share their life experiences & talk about their daily life which they share online on internet. Now social media are kind of marketing hub people used social media to drive traffic to their business website & get more clients.

So here are 5 tips for social media graphics design to shout louder 2020 & if you want your social media posts get more hits so your social media, graphics need to be creative.

To stand out unique in front of your audience here are some tips for creating social media graphics.      

5 tips for social media Graphic design to shout louder 2019.

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1.Choose your colors Bold & Bright:

As a graphic designer you should try different things to match up your audience expectations as colors plays a vital role in designing social media graphics so choosing your color, bold & bright.

So you can catch the viewer’s eyes move further away from the minimalist design trend now it’s time to make some change so be bold & bright attract more eyes & get more clients.

The bold & bright color does not mean giving it a complete vibrant look as per the theme. The choice of color should always be made by keeping in mind the expectations of the clients which has given the task to fulfill the required expectation and keeping up the right expectations is what we work for in “Designing”.

 The colors are the lifeline of any creation, they decide that whether the created graphic post will sustain in the market and in the remembrance of the audience or not…

Colors play an important role to attract the sight of the people through which they try to figure out the exact meaning of the created post…

“Make a correct choice to give meaning to the creation with appropriate colors “

2.Use icons to design your concepts:

Use icons to enhance your graphics as icons are easy to understand & create a great concept that a user can memorize.

Using icons will make sure that your viewers has understood what are you trying to portray on your graphics combine icons with bold backgrounds & create more unique concepts for your social media. 

Like we have said above, the boldness & brightness define the nature of the created post and simultaneously it will decide the response to the sustainability of the same.

Icons play an important role here as well, they give the clear and crisp information on the created post. If we create something else and denote it with the different “ICON” so the exact meaning will never be decoded.

For an example: – If we try to find out the toothpaste in the market and we get the image of Doll on it , we would not be able to understand the concept of doll over the pack of toothpaste .

Yes, exactly the colors, fonts, brightness and icons are very essential for the creation of any post to be delivered anywhere!

“Create well that gets relate to the making “

3.Use charts & info graphics to Visualize Data:

Use charts & info graphics to make data more attractive & beautiful as charts & inforgarphics helps in visualizing your informational data with accurate details.

It makes people understand your views and skills more precisely you can use charts & bar graphs to show your skills & your work data to engage more customers. 

Let’s try to understand the importance of info graphics here; it helps in engaging more people to get connected with the work and the organization. Info graphics say” Understand a lot in short “.

In today’s busy lifestyle, people have hardly time to go through the big concepts and stanzas. Here its extremely required, if you want to convey the correct and exact message to the clients & users, then try and use Charts & graphical representations.

It will give two advantages – People when look at once about the same, they would connect instantly with the logics.

It would not lead to time consuming and more people will come across it…

4.Make your text speak more & shout loud:

Make your typography more attractive by using more elements or symbols the text should well design & focused on the message that you want to convey.

Make your text easy to read so that the visitor don’t panic to read the content also don’t make it too large that it disturb your composition.

Earlier, we were talking about the use of infographics its similarly related with the text used in the same. With the help of creative and meaning full texts the post will poetry the correct information about it.

Here we are talking about the correct choice of the “FONTS”. The fonts should match the bandwidth of the post.

For example- If the post is getting created for the purpose of wedding invitations so it is advisable to use “Cursive-script “and if the post is about to get introduced for business purposes for this “Straight _Serif & San serifs “may be used .

Here we are trying to say that the fonts need to be the combination of perfect mix match of “Cursive & Straight fonts”. This will helps a lot in creating the most magical post for you.

5.Use your branding to incorporate the design:

Always make sure that your branding incorporated in your design any time a user share it’s follows along use your branding color schemes or your style, your logo in your graphic designing.

Branding is also playing an important role to make the post memorable among people and the clients.

Branding sets the clients mind in such a positive order that they automatically feel to get connected with you for the work purposes.

Giving the identity to the product for the creation is done lead to a great impact on the visitors for business.

Once the branding would be done in more effective way it will be last longer to run in the market with trust and creativity.

Incorporating branding with the design will create the positive aura of the people and they would be more eager to know more about the concepts of creations.

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